A story of Teacher who changed lives through AKAP-Bangsamoro Program

Salvacion Jumadil, (seated left) 49-years old, a learning facilitator from Sitio Calang Ulih, Barangay Tubigan, Municipality of Maluso, Province of Basilan (Photo by CBCS)

Today, education is more accessible, especially those who lived in urban communities. Schools in the city equipped with all necessary things such computers, modernized classrooms, books and other learning materials to be used during classes. This has been the manifestation that education is gradually changing so often. With the most convenient form of education nowadays, there is no reason for students to not to continue their studies.

On the contrary, there are still communities which do not have a formal school and making up their classes in a learning center – sometimes, a learning center that is built with trapal (heavy and waterproof sheet of material, often use to cover). The situation becomes difficult because some of these learning centers are situated in remote areas, make it hard for the teachers to reach their students and for the parents to send their children in school.

This may be hard to think, but with the passion and determination to help the community, nothing is impossible. This phrase has been proven by Salvacion Jumadil, 49-years old, a learning facilitator from Sitio Calang Ulih, Barangay Tubigan, Municipality of Maluso, Province of Basilan. Salvacion serves as a learning facilitator in a small island located in the province. She has seven children and she lives in the Poblacion of the said barangay. She was a former BRAC teacher, and after years of serving in the project BRAC, she was chosen to serve as a learning facilitator of the AKAP program. She started teaching in Sitio Calang Ulih in the year 2013 when she was still in the BRAC project. She is currently teaching twenty-seven (27) AKAP Kinder learners from the Badjao tribe.

Teaching with a cause

Salvacion’s daily routine in teaching was to travel early at 6:30 in the morning. Her travel from Poblacion to Sitio Calang Ulih takes 40 to 45 minutes, boarding on her own pump boat which she bought because of the AKAP program, and for her to travel using her pump boat and reach the sitio, she had to fuel it up to 4-5 liters that will cost 400 pesos.

Salvacion said that though it is difficult to reach the area and deliver her services as a teacher, and the transportation is expensive, she is still trying her best to help the community. Even if it is expensive, for her, the most high-priced thing is when she could make a change to the Badjao children of Calang Ulih. She wants these children to read and write and she would ensure that they will have a brighter future ahead.

In life, she said that we have to work hard, and along the way, we make sacrifices in order to succeed and become more developed. Salvacion is determined in succeeding in life together with these children, no matter what obstacles they have to face. In her years of teaching, they have overcome different challenges. For Salvacion, it is all worth it and fulfilling to give hope and make a difference in the lives of every student.

Make a difference, changing lives

Success stories of the project is one thing to measure its sustainability and impact. From BRAC project to AKAP program, Salvacion believes that these have and would make a difference in changing the lives of every Bangsamoro child. In fact, her former students are now studying in high school and she truly believed that this would do the same with his AKAP Kinder learners. In realizing Salvacion’s goal, she asserted to continue serving as a teacher to the Badjao children, she can also see the eagerness of her students as well as their parents to learn about how to read and write. The reality is that even the parents of these students do not know how to read and write. By that reason, parents will also go with their children and they will join the class because they want to learn how to write their names. As a result, in a short span of the program implementation, parents also learned to read and write.

Mrs. Satta A. Abduldasi from Sitio Calang Ulih, is beyond grateful to the AKAP-Bangsamoro program because they have given the platform to learn. She has eight children, but only five are studying in AKAP-Bangsamoro program. The program gives hope to the parents and children to continue their education. Abduldasi, is also wishing for the continuation of the program and additional learning materials for their children.

“Simula ng magkaroon ng AKAP-BM Program dito sa amin naging masaya at naging maaayos yung pag aaral ng mga batang Bajao, marami kaming natutunan at hindi lang yung mga bata ang natutoto dahil pati kami natutoto din” [We are happy since the program was implemented in our community, the children’s learning has been good, we have learned a lot, not just our children but the parents as well]

Continue the program through the help of BARMM and its development partners

Salvacion expresses her deep gratitude to Civil Society Organizations, Ministry of Basic, Higher and Technical Education, BRAC and Pathways for their continued support in their community to provide education. She believes on much potential of the Badjao children to finish their study and succeed in life. There is a significant change in the behavior of Badjao children in Calang Ulih since the AKAP-Bangsamoro program. Parents understand the importance of education and why they need to push their children to go to school. Salvacion also thanks the Nagdilaab Foundation for the help they have given to Calang Uliha, and especially in his Catchment School because of the plywood, chairs and school supplies they provided. To continue the program, Salvacion is hoping for the support from BARMM and its development partners.

(This feature article is contributed by Monawara M. Kumayog, the Communication and Advocacy Officer of Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society. CBCS is among of CSO education partners who implemented Abot-Kaalaman sa Pamilyang (AKAP) Bangsamoro Program with support from Pathways, the Australian Government, and BRAC Philippines. AKAP Bangsamoro is a flagship program of MBHTE Minister Mohagher M. Iqbal/BangsamoroToday)

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