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(Updated) March 18, 2024

The undersigned civil society organizations in Mindanao join the Bangsamoro people in solemn remembrance of the 56th anniversary of the Jabidah massacre. This tragic event in Philippine history is regarded as the spark that ignited the Moro revolution and served as a catalyst for the Moro people’s resistance against injustice, oppression, and discrimination.

56 years from that fateful day in Corregidor Island, the Bangsamoro people are still in the process of rebuilding from the ashes of war and violence. It took two major peace agreements to resolve the root causes of the armed conflict and address the legitimate grievances of the Moro people vis-à-vis the Philippine government, namely, the Final Peace Agreement with the Moro National Liberation Front in 1996 and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in 2014.

Where past administrations have failed, the Marcos administration has succeeded in bringing together all the Moro revolutionary fronts in the halls of the Bangsamoro Parliament to adopt to democratic processes and contend in the peaceful battle of ideas. This political arrangement for synergy and convergence proves to be effective, totally unprecedented and truly commendable. It is fascinating to observe how the former combatants of both MNLF and MILF transformed themselves to become dedicated parliamentarians and pursue the struggle with much more vigor albeit, through the impassioned debates and speeches in the Parliament instead of fierce exchange of bullets.

The ongoing political transition has afforded the Bangsamoro people the much needed respite for BARMM to flourish and develop. Official data from the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) shows that the BARMM economy is growing with Gross Regional Domestic Product reaching up to 7.5% in 2021 and 6.6% in 2022. BARMM also ranks 10th in terms of economic growth rate. Similarly, PSA has reported that BARMM’s poverty incidence decreased from 52.6% in 2018 to 29.9 in 2019, indicating a rise in disposable income level. This robust economic growth is undeniably one of the visible accomplishments of BARMM during the transition period.

Fifty-six years following the Jabidah massacre, today marks a notably optimistic juncture for the Moro people, brimming with hope and a positive outlook towards the future. We attribute this progress to the steadfast leadership of Chief Minister Ahod Balawag Ebrahim and the strong support and unwavering commitment of President Bongbong Marcos.

As we turn the page on the somber chapter of Bangsamoro history and embrace the dawn of peace and development, we implore our leaders to approach the upcoming 2025 election with heightened caution and restraint.

We earnestly implore our esteemed President Bongbong Marcos to safeguard the delicate peace that is only just beginning to flourish in the Bangsamoro region. Mr. President, we appeal to you to shield this fragile peace from the self-serving agendas of politics and power struggles. You owe this sacred duty to the millions of civilians who are already enjoying the dividends of peace. We implore you to extend the transition period for another three (3) years to fully implement the peace agreement.

May our sacrifices and prayers this Holy Month of Ramadhan bring us enduring peace, bountiful blessings and abundance. (30)

For any further inquiries regarding this press statement, please reach out to Dats Magon at 09632726280. They are available to provide comprehensive details regarding this matter.


  1. Consortium of Bangsamoro Civil Society
  2. CSO Movement for Moral Governance (CSO-MMG)
  3. Coalition of Sangguniang Kabataan Officials for Moral Governance
  4. League of Bangsamoro Organizations (LBO)
  5. Kulamanen Manobo Development Initiatives (KMDI)
  6. Mindanao Peoples Caucus for Peace and Solidarity, Inc.      
  7. Moro Women Development and Cultural Center Inc.                      
  8. Kapeyapaan Farmers Association
  9. Bantay Ceasefire                                            
  10. Oblate Missionary Foundation- Inter-religous Dialogue Program     (OMF-IRD)                       
  11. SENTRO- Soccsksargen          
  12. TASBIKKA- Parang Maguindanao
  13. Singanen O Mindanao
  14. Save Sulu Movement
  15. Bangsamoro Women Action for Development Initiatives
  16. Mindanao Homeland Development, Inc.
  17. Union of Muslim Youth Organizarions, Inc. (UMYOi)
  18. United Youth for Peace & Development (UNYPAD)
  19. Federation of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organization (FBCSO)
  20. KITAB
  21. Bawgbug Advocates for Peace and Human Rights
  22. Basilan Human Rights Action Network
  23. Kapatutan Baran
  24. Socksargen Workers Network for Grassroots Advocacy
  25. Women Initiatives for Social Empowerment (WISE)
  26. Transportworkers Alliance-NCTU
  27. Fishworkers Solidarity
  28. Bantay Ceasefire
  29. Confederated Descendants of Rajah Mamalu, Inc.
  30. Bangsamoro Communications Network, Inc.
  31. Mindanao Advocacy and Social Communication, Inc.
  32. Moro Women Development and Culture Center (MWDECC)
  33. Mindanao Action for Peace and Development Initiatives (MAPDI)
  34. Women’s Organizations Movement of the Bangsamoro (WOMB)
  35. Tulung Lupah Sug
  36. Federation of Bangsamoro Coordinating Council of the Philippines  (FBCCP)
  37. United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD)
  38. Integrated Mindanaoan Association for Natives (IMAN)
  39. BANUG- Basilan Alliance for Normalization Unity and Good Governance
  40. Suara Kalilintad
  41. Sultan Kudarat Coffee Ventures, Inc.
  42. Bangsamoro Multimedia Network
  43. Tawi-Tawi Youth for Peace
  44.  Community Alliance for Reform Engagement, INC.
  45. Muslim Upliftment Foundation in Tawi-Tawi Inc. (MUFTI)
  46.  Women’s Organization of Rajah Mamalu Descendants (WORMD)
  47. Coalition of Moro Youth Movement (CMYM)
  48. Youth Union for New Governance (YOUNG)
  49. Real Autonomy-Now (RAnow) Movement
  50. MYPEACE Boses ng Kabataan
  51.  Association of Tausug With Disabilities (ATD) SULU
  52.  Sittio Subah Batang Farmers and Fisherfolks Cooperative
  53.  Kudal Agri-business Marketing Cooperative
  54. Women Insider for Mindanao Peace and Development
  55.  Al IHSAAN- Basilan Province
  56.  Bantay Basilan, Inc.
  57.  Gaganddilan Mindanao Women, Inc.
  58. Deyangba Women’s Organization, Inc.
  59.  Kalilintad Kudal Farmers fisher folk Association
  60. SPMS Box United Youth Leaders (UYL)
  61.  Basilan Youth Action for initiative on Development(BYAID)
  62.  Sulu Youth Network, Inc. (SYN)
  63.  Lundang Karabat Association
  64. Sulu Women’s Rights Movement
  65. Alliance for Genuine Unity in Mindanao- AGUM (Tawi-Tawi Women’s Sector)
  66. Basulta Contact Group for Peace (BCG)
  67. Sulu Tanjuh Organization (STO)
  68. Matawkasi Incorporated
  69. Bangsamoro Youth Association (BYA)
  70. Moro Youth Catalyst Advocates (MYCA)
  71. VAW-C Women Association
  72. Jaga Lupah Sug
  73. Settlers Association
  74. Safe Sulu Livelihood Service Cooperative
  75. Tausog Gagandilan Young Professionals Organization
  76. Krislam Organization
  77. Provincial Youth Development Office Sulu
  78. Citizen Anti-Crime Group
  79. Ulimbanag sin Kababaihan
  80. Sulu Youth Peace Club
  81. Sulu Youth Network, Inc.
  82. Taga Amulahi Inc.
  83. Omar Youth Peace and Development
  84. Gagandilan Inc.
  85. Tausog League Transformation
  86. Coalition of Sangguniang Kabataan Officials for Moral Governance (CSKO-MG)
  87. Lundang Karabat Association
  88. Moro Peace Alliance Youth Organization Inc. (MPAYOi)
  89. Philippine Muslim Student Assoociation (PHIMSA)
  91. Philippine Integrated College Academy Foundation Inc. (PICAF)
  92. Maranao Youth Center (MYC)
  93. Advocate For Youth Development (AYD)
  94. Ugop ko Masa Organization (UMO)
  95. Abante Kabataan Organization (AKO)
  96. Singanen ago Panginam O Moro Youth Organization
  97. RGBM Bongabong Youth Organizations
  98. Ako Youth Organization
  99. MSU Young Researchers Club
  100. Ranao Youth Tanggol Kalikasan
  101. Pamokaw Youth Organizations
  102. Bangsamoro Center for Justpeace in the Phil. (BCJP)
  103. Ibalaton Socio-Economic Development Foundation, Inc. (ISEDF)
  104. Noorus Salaam National Women Council Inc.
  105. Talainged Alliance of Brotherhood for Empowerment and Development, Inc. (TABED)
  106. Sultan Anwaruddin bin Sultan Bangon Descendants Association, (ABDAS, INC)
  107. Former Overseas Bangsamoro Worker Organization Inc. (FOBWA)
  108. Mindanao People’s Care Foundation, Inc.
  109. National Association of Bangsamoro Educators Inc. (NABEI)
  110. Panglima Annao Youth Organization
  111. Youth Movement for Better Ubol
  112. Tawi Tawi Agri Fisheries Youth Marketing Cooperative
  113. TRICKTRASH Group
  114. SAMA Women’s Council
  115. Cotabato Center for Peace and Development Initiatives, Inc.
  116. Suwara Nu Mga Babai A Bangsamoro, Inc.
  117. Tawi-Tawi Movement of Professionals for the Implementation of the Comprehensive Agreement for the Bangsamoro
  118. Union Espiritista Christiana de Filipinas (UECFI)
  119. Association of Teduray Bible Churches Incorporated
  120. Ilanun Community of Basilan for Peace (ICBAL for Peace)

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