MDN Governor Macacua Calls for Unity at UBJP 1st Provincial General Assembly of Lanao Area

The UBJP Party Secretary General Abdulraof “Gob Sam” A. Macacua. (Photo by Mohamiden G. Solaiman)

COTABATO CITY (May 8, 2024) – Governor Abdulraof “Gob Sam” A. Macacua of Maguindanao del Norte and the United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP) Secretary General emphasized the importance of unity and adherence to the party’s principles in the 1st General Assembly of the United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP) Northern Mindanao held at Poona Bayabao, Lanao Del Sur on Monday.

Governor Macacua expressed gratitude to various dignitaries in attendance, including Minister Atty. Sha Elijah Dumama-Alba, Minister Engr. Aida Silongan, Minister Atty. Raissa Jajurie, MP Mary Ann Arnado, MP Baileng Mantawil, and MP Abdullah Hashim, among others.

He said the purpose of their gathering was to strengthen solidarity rather than name-dropping and stressed the significance of their collective presence at the assembly, highlighting the unity it symbolized.

The Maguindanao del Norte Governor emphasized the need for a political party aligned with the values of Islam, citing justice, equality, and humanity as its core tenets. He underscored the importance of choosing a party that upholds these principles, asserting that the UBJP embodies the ideals closest to the teachings of Allah.

Furthermore, Governor Macacua cautioned against divisive politics, urging attendees to focus on uniting the Bangsamoro people. He emphasized the detrimental effects of engaging in political maneuvering that could sow discord within the community.

In closing, Governor Macacua reiterated the imperative of unity among Muslim and Bangsamoro constituents, emphasizing that solidarity is the key to realizing the blessings of Allah.

The Governor’s speech echoed throughout the assembly hall, resonating with attendees who shared his commitment to a united and just society. (Sahara A. Saban, BMN/BangsamoroToday)

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