First Grand Reunion of Hamza Clan Celebrated with Dignitaries and Thousands of Attendees

Sheik Abas Hamza Clan first grand reunion. (Photo provided to BMN/BangsamoroToday)

COTABATO CITY (May 7, 2024) — In a momentous gathering held at the Cotabato State University Gymnasium on May 5, 2024, the Hamza Clan celebrated their inaugural grand reunion with great fervor and pride. The event was graced by esteemed officials including Chief Minister Ahod “Alhaj Murad” B. Ebrahim, Maguindanao del Norte Governor Abdulraof A. Macacua, Cotabato City Mayor Mohammad Ali “Bruce” Matabalao, Datu Blah Sinsuat Mayor Datu MarshaIl Sinsuat, Vice Mayor Bai Raida Tumawi Sinsuat, Sultan Mastura Mayor Doc. Panda H. Panda Sr., MP Aida Silongan, MP Ebrahim Ali, MP Ebus Gayak, Provincial Director Police Colonel Sultan Salman Hadji Saban, Councilor Hussein S. Taha, and various Barangay chairpersons.

Muzaher Suweb Bito, the 3rd Place winner in the 2024 Dubai International Holy Qur’an Reading Competition, opened the program with a recitation from a verse of the holy Qur’an.

Attorney Sukarno A. Abas working at MTIT-BARMM expressed gratitude for the long-awaited reunion, acknowledging the efforts of those who made it possible. He emphasized the significance of the event in bringing together descendants of Sheik Abas Hamza and other esteemed ancestors. Despite space constraints, thousands of families from the Hamza Clan attended the event, reflecting the deep-rooted connection and sense of belonging within the community.

“Gusto kong e’ acknowledge ang tubo ng Maisula Hamza , Guiaber Hamza, Sheik Abas Hamza, Hadji Salik Hamza, Mohammad Hamza, Baladek Hamza, Hadji Butong. Itong programa ay para sa ating lahat, enjoy habang nandito tayo sa venue,” he said.

Vice Governor Abdulnasser Thong Abas of Maguindanao del Norte extended his appreciation for the trust and value placed on the Hamza Clan, further underscoring the importance of familial bonds in community cohesion.

In his message, Grand Mufti Shiekh Abdulrauf A. Guialani reminded attendees of the importance of brotherhood in Islam and cautioning against discord among siblings, emphasizing the need for harmony and unity.

The reunion also provided a platform for elder members like Hadji Esmael Samad and Sheikh Guiaber Hamza to reminisce and reconnect family ties, tracing lineage and sharing anecdotes from generations past.

Chief Minister Ahod “Alhaj Murad” B. Ebrahim expressed full support for the reunion, commending the initiative to strengthen family ties and congratulating the organizers for their efforts. He emphasized the significance of the event in fostering unity and solidarity within the community.

“Su kahanda tanu anya kinap’limud-limud na Alhamdullilah na pakaayon sa kano Dua no Allaho taallah, kano Dua no Rasullulah salawla alayhi wa saalam dahil ang importanti ay ang makuha natin dito ay yong mukna ng Allahu taalla. Mula sa opisina namin na sa Chief Minister at Moro Islamic Liberation Front, pati sa political party natin Mula sa United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP) officially suportahan namin mula sa programang ito,” said Ebrahim in Maguindanaon dialect.

Mohammad Hamza, represented by Nasrudin Mohammad, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to come together as a clan, extending a warm welcome to all attendees and reaffirming the open-door policy of the Hamza Clan.

“Open kami sa mga naka sibay ataw ka naka among lon na welcome ged sa lekami o aden det a bagumbayan lon o ipagamong lon na welcome ged salekami,” he said in vernacular.

The event also saw heartfelt acknowledgments from Hadji Salik and Baladek Hamza, who introduced members of their respective lineages, further reinforcing the familial bonds that define the Hamza Clan.

Mayor Mohammad Ali “Bruce” D. Matabalao concluded the event with a poignant message, expressing gratitude for the overwhelming turnout and emphasizing the importance of family in building resilient communities.

Mayor Bruce said in Filipino, “Nagpapasalamat ako ng malaki at alam ko na after nitong reunion ng Hamza Clan ay Maraming susunod pero sana katulad ng Hamza Clan ang mga reunion ay gagawin hindi lamang para sa eleksyon gagawin natin dahil ang pinaka basic na lakas ng isang community lalong-lalo na sa Bangsamoro ay ang pamilya.”

The siblings of the Hamza Clan expressed their gratitude to all attendees, underscoring the significance of the reunion in strengthening familial bonds and fostering a sense of belonging.

The first grand reunion of the Hamza Clan stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of Sheik Abas Hamza and other revered ancestors, uniting thousands of families in a celebration of heritage, unity, and kinship. As attendees departed, they carried with them cherished memories and renewed bonds, eager to continue the tradition for generations to come. (Hasna U. Bacol, BMN/BangsamoroToday)

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