Maguindanao MSSD Extends Relief Assistance to Drought-Affected Families in Upi

(Photo courtesy of MSSD-BARMM)

COTABATO CITY (May 10, 2024) — In response to the pressing impact of the El Niño phenomenon, the Ministry of Social Services and Development (MSSD) took swift action to alleviate the plight of families grappling with severe drought conditions in Maguindanao del Norte. From May 5 to 6, 2024, the MSSD, operating through its Maguindanao Provincial Office, embarked on a vital relief operation, reaching out to 1,856 families across 19 barangays in Upi.

The beneficiaries received essential provisions for their families, which included 25 kilograms of rice and a family food pack brimming with assorted canned goods and instant coffee.

The relief effort benefited a total of 1856 families. These provisions aim to sustain the basic nutritional requirements of affected households amidst the challenging circumstances wrought by the drought.

The MSSD remains steadfast in its commitment to the welfare of the affected communities. Continuing its vigilance, the Ministry will actively monitor the situation, ensuring that further social interventions are promptly provided to address emerging needs and challenges faced by the affected families.

This compassionate intervention finds its roots in the Emergency Relief Assistance (ERA) program, an initiative spearheaded by the MSSD. The ERA program stands as a beacon of hope during times of crisis, extending vital support and life-saving interventions to individuals and communities beleaguered by the repercussions of both natural and human-induced disasters and calamities.

As Maguindanao del Norte navigates through the trials brought by the El Niño phenomenon, the MSSD’s unwavering dedication underscores a beacon of solidarity and support, illuminating a path towards resilience and recovery for the affected families in Upi. (Hasna U. Bacol, BMN/BangsamoroToday)

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