Bangsamoro’s MOST Evaluates MSMEs’ Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices in Lanao Del Sur

(Photo courtesy of MOST-BARMM)

COTABATO CITY (May 2, 2024) — In a concerted endeavor to bolster adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMP) among micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the Bangsamoro Government’s Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) recently conducted a comprehensive assessment of eight cooperatives in Lanao Del Sur Province. This initiative, carried out from April 22 to 26, 2024, aimed to evaluate the current state of GMP implementation and readiness for Food and Drugs Administration License to Operate (FDA-LTO) application within these MSMEs.

The assessment process, overseen by a dedicated team from MOST, encompassed meticulous scrutiny of various facets of production, including hygiene practices, sanitation procedures, quality control measures, and employee training protocols. By conducting regulatory standard assessments, documentation reviews, and physical inspections, the team ensured a thorough evaluation of each cooperative’s adherence to GMP standards.

Among the MSMEs evaluated were Marhaba Marketing Cooperative, engaged in Crunchy Peanut Making; Mamaan Bangsamoro Farm Producer Cooperative, specializing in Cassava Crackers Making; Ikram Agriculture Cooperative, involved in Mushroom Crackers Making; and Kapai Mustaqbal Women’s Consumer Cooperative, renowned for Ginger Tea Making.

Other cooperatives that underwent assessment included Ditsaan Ramain Islamic Service Cooperative (Maranao Delicacies), Pindolonan Women’s Producer Cooperative (Native Coffee Making), Min-Ranao Halal Spices Producer Cooperative (Palapa Spices Making), and Jamaatus Shabbatil Muta-Alimmat (JSM) Mindanao Women Services (Ginger, Turmeric, and Coffee Mix Making).

MOST’s involvement extended beyond mere evaluation, as it also offered technical assistance and consultancy services to address any identified challenges and enhance the capabilities of the MSMEs. Such support underscores the government’s commitment to fostering the growth and sustainability of local enterprises while ensuring the production of safe and quality food products.

Moreover, MOST’s partnership with Oxfam Pilipinas Women’s Economic Empowerment for Leadership in Development and Peace in Bangsamoro played a pivotal role in furthering the development of Halal Women Enterprises and Agri-value Chains in the region. Through joint efforts, these initiatives aim to empower women entrepreneurs and contribute to the economic prosperity of the Bangsamoro Region.

The successful completion of the GMP assessment marks a significant milestone in the journey of these MSMEs towards regulatory compliance and market competitiveness.

By prioritizing quality and safety standards, the Bangsamoro Government reaffirms its commitment to supporting the growth and sustainability of the local economy.

The producers of processed foods who took part in the initiative expressed their heartfelt appreciation to the Bangsamoro Government for its unwavering support of MSMEs, a crucial step toward unlocking broader market opportunities within the country. (Hasna U. Bacol, BMN/Bangsamoro Today)

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