MP Dr Susana S. Anayatin Statement of Condemnation on the bombing incident in MSU Marawi Gymnasium on the occasion of the 1st Sunday Advent

December 3, 2023

As representative for the Settlers in the Bangsamoro Parliament, and in accordance with legal principles and ethical considerations, this representation hereby expresses a resolute condemnation of the tragic bombing incident that transpired at the Mindanao State University (MSU) Marawi Gymnasium on the occasion of the 1st Sunday of Advent, during the commemoration of a Holy Mass by the Catholic faithfuls.

Violence has no place in a civilized society like ours, especially when everybody is doing their share in rebuilding peace in the southern Philippines destroyed after decades of armed conflict.

The Christian world began the season of Advent and the start of the liturgical year that supposed to be a joyous event, now eventually turn into a season of grief and sorrows for the bereaved family of the poor victims. As I express sympathy to the families of those who perished and offer healing prayers to those wounded, I am also assessing our resources to extend assistance to the victims.

In the interest of justice and the maintenance of the rule of law, we emphatically call for a swift, impartial, and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding this incident. It is imperative that every avenue be explored to ascertain the identity of the perpetrators and collaborators responsible for this heinous act, with a view toward their apprehension and prosecution in accordance with the pertinent legal frameworks.

As we reiterate our commitment to the principles of justice, peace, and religious freedom, we urge all relevant authorities and stakeholders to collaborate diligently in fostering an environment wherein diverse beliefs are respected and protected.

May this statement serve as both a testament to our unwavering dedication to upholding the legal tenets that safeguard the rights and security of individuals, and as a loud call for collective action to prevent the recurrence of such flagrant acts, thereby fortifying the fabric of our legal and societal order and preserving the peace that we laboriously gained that we now pleasantly savor.

Member of the Parliament
Bangsamoro Transition Authority

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