COTABATO CITY (June 3, 2023) — The Ministry of Science and Technology – Bangsamoro Standards and Halal Testing Laboratories (MOST-BSHTL) has been granted accreditation by the Department of Trade and Industry – Philippine Accreditation Bureau (DTI-PAB) based on PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2027 last May 24, 2023, valid until 2028.


The accreditation was granted for MOST-BSHTL’s Biological and Chemical Testing, wherein approved signatory status was also granted to laboratory personnel with accreditation numbers LA-2023-426A for Chemical testing and LA-2023-427A for Biological testing.


Engr. Abdulrakman Asim, Bangsamoro Director-General, said that this achievement is crucial in the development of the ministry and improving the delivery of services.


Asim added that they are aiming to uplift the living standard of the Bangsamoro people through Science and Technology mandate and improving the delivery of MOST services. “With this accreditation, we are confident that our laboratory facilities provide reliable and quality services adhering to International Standards and we will sustain this achievement,” Asim emphasized.


Asim said that the ministry would intensify the advocacy and promotion of BSHTL laboratory services so that more BARMM clients will be aware of laboratory services being offered by the MOST.


“We will strengthen the advocacy campaign about BSHTL services for the Bangsamoro people to be aware of the laboratory services offered. We will always do our best to improve all our services and we encourage our constituents to patronize BARMM services,” Asim said.


Meantime, Rugaya Abdullah-Magandia, Registered Chemist and Integrated Laboratory Division Chief-Designate, said that they were glad of the accreditation granted to BSHTL as it recognizes the competitiveness, reliability, credibility, and quality services they provided.


“We are so glad that as we comply with all the findings of PAB during assessments, we are now granted accreditation based on PNS ISO/IEC 17025:2017. We are manifesting and gearing towards this accreditation in our compliance to International Standards to provide quality, competitive, and reliable services for our constituents,” Rugaya said.


The accreditation granted to MOST-BSHTL manifested the MOST’s commitment to excellent services, said Nasrodin A. Buisan, Director for Research and Development Services-Integrated Laboratory Division.


“MOST is committed to excellent and quality services. With the accreditation granted to BSHTL, we can ensure that the testing and analysis services and results provided for our constituents are same with other laboratories complying to International Standards, and it provides confidence in our agency that the reports/results are credible and reliable,” Buisan elaborated.


He said that with this accreditation, MOST would find other ways to maximize the services of BSHTL by proposing programs and projects that would assist clients/customers in their laboratory testing needs, such as establishing shelf-life services and hiring competent laboratory personnel to actualize all endeavors.


“We also find ways to acquire more revenues through BSHTL services, not necessarily in terms of monetary values but the value of services rendered. We believe that with this accreditation more revenues will be generated,” Buisan pointed-out.


The ministry said that the accreditation granted to MOST-BSHTL based on the ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is an indicator that the BSHTL strengthens, establishes, and implements Laboratory Quality Management System (LQMS) in accordance with International Standards to provide competitive and quality testing and analysis services for the BARMM region and geared towards economic development and improve government services.


MOST-BSHTL currently has four laboratory services; these are Microbiological laboratory services, Physico-Chem Laboratory Services, Halal Verification Laboratory Services, and Metrology Laboratory Services. (Tu Alid Alfonso, with report from MOST Information & Communication, Photo by BMN/BangsamoroToday)


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