Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, Chairman of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). (Photo contributed to BangsamoroToday)

Empathy, compassion, and justice. These virtues are what make us different from other living creatures in this world.

As part of Humanity, Palestine deserves to be treated humanely. The Palestinian people have suffered 75 years of persistent injustice, terror, oppression, and loss of lives and properties.

Amid the grave and escalating situation in the eastern Mediterranean region, the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) decries the abhorrent and unnecessary cutting of vital resources in the Gaza Strip placing innocent Palestinians in a state of humanitarian disaster. To be clear, the MILF denounces any deliberate targeting and killing of women, children, elderly, and innocent people in general. However, the MILF considers as unjustified the indiscriminate attacks and use of excessive force as part of military response, even in the face of retaliation. Such is outrightly inhumane and a clear case of genocide.

The MILF calls on our brothers and sisters in the Arab countries as well as allies all over the world who possess the powers and resources, to extend help to Palestine.

We also call on the United Nations Security Council to once and for all sanction Israel for its heinous and repeated violations of international law and human rights. The United Nations agencies should exert all efforts to extend humanitarian aid to Palestine and end Israel’s ongoing military operations. Our collective duty is to prioritize the protection of civilians, uphold the principles of humanity, and work towards a world where we resolve conflicts without sacrificing the lives of those who bear no responsibility for the strife. Peace demands that we rise above violence, ensuring that the sanctity of human lives remains inviolable.

The MILF struggles for our people’s right to self-determination and continues to work for just and lasting peace in Mindanao. As such, we strongly condemn all forms of atrocities committed against the Palestinian people.

To our brothers and sisters in Palestine, know that we are one with you in this struggle. In the face of adversity, hope and resilience will guide you even in the darkest of nights. Your dreams for a peaceful and prosperous future are shared by many, including the Bangsamoro people. Stay strong. You are in our prayers.

In shaa Allah, Palestine will be Free.


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