Bangsamoro Parliament condemns violence against Palestinian civilians; calls for end to hostilities, humanitarian corridor for Gaza

Bangsamoro people in the southern Philippines calls
the international community to save the Palestinians during the Bangsamoro Rally for Free Palestine organized by the Bangsamoro Actions Against Injustices (BAAI) on Monday, October 16 at the City Plaza of Cotabato. (Photo by Faydiyah Samanodi Akmad, BMN/BangsamoroToday)

COTABATO CITY (October 19, 2023) — In a resolution passed by the Bangsamoro Parliament on October 17, condemned acts of violence and collective punishment against the Palestinian people and called for the unconditional cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas as well as for the establishment of a humanitarian corridor for Gaza.

Citing international humanitarian law considering collective punishment and intentional attacks against civilians as war crimes, as well as the broader context of the Palestinian people’s history and right to self-determination, Resolution No. 442 called “for an end to the hostilities and attacks against the civilian population of Palestine, especially in Gaza, and allow their safe return to their homeland, their humane and dignified treatment therein, and the complete rehabilitation thereof.”

The resolution was filed by Deputy Floor Leader Anna Tarhata Basman, along with fellow MPs Sha Elijah B. Dumama-Alba, Raissa H. Jajurie, Suharto Esmael, Tawakal B. Midtimbang, Ramon Piang, Sr., Abdulwahab Pak, Ibrahim Ali, Matarul Estino, Ubaida Pacasem, and Baileng Mantawil. A similar resolution, Proposed Resolution No 443, was also filed by Deputy Speaker Omar Sema. The two were consolidated and approved as amended by Parliament.

In her sponsorship speech, MP Basman emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue, stating, “Now is not the time to be silent. As a people who knows all too well what it means for others to recognize and echo your call for the right to exist, we the Bangsamoro people, should raise our voices on behalf of those struggling for survival, the people of Gaza, the people of Palestine.”

The proposed resolution filed by MP Basman called for an end to hostilities against the civilian population of Palestine and for allowing their safe return to as well as the rehabilitation of their homeland. Amendments during deliberations in Parliament included a call on Israel and Hamas “to allow the United Nations to facilitate the establishment of a humanitarian corridor that will allow humanitarian actors to provide protection and immediate relief assistance to the people in Gaza.”

MP Basman also urged political leaders to refrain from enacting policies that violate international humanitarian law, as they risk being categorized as war crimes, particularly in the targeting of civilians, places of worship, and medical and humanitarian facilities, including their personnel. She stressed, “We call on world leaders to prioritize the just resolution of the conflict that gives, first and foremost, the right of statehood to the Palestinians and establishes security in the areas of Palestine, Israel, and other adjoining countries. We are left with no choice. Our common humanity compels us to issue this most urgent appeal. We are Palestine and Palestine is us.”

The said copies of the approved resolution will also be furnished to the Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in the Philippines, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Embassies to the Philippines of Israel and of Palestine. (Tu Alid Alfonso/BMN/BangsamoroToday, with report from Office of MP Anna Tarhata Basman)

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