BMN  is committed to sustain the utilization of multimedia in disseminating correct information about the Bangsamoro Peace Process and its development, and other Peace and Development initiatives for the Bangsamoro people.

The BMN will deploy its Team to cover and host any events such as peace advocacy, conferences, assemblies or other important gatherings of Civil Society Groups, Non-Government Organizations, Government, Peace Institutions, and the grassroots Bangsamoro community. It will also facilitate and implement programs that are beneficial for the Bangsamoro community.


1. Sustainable Peace and Development/Peacebuilding, 2. Communication, Research, Information and Technology/Multimedia, 3. Education and Da’wah Advocacy, 4. Women, Children and Youth Empowerment, 5. Socio-Economic and Resource Generation 6. Community Extension Services


✓ Live Streaming on Social Media ✓ Event Coverage ✓ Talk-Show and Tele-Radyo Program ✓ Hosting/Anchoring ✓ Photo and Video Documentation ✓ Audio-Visual and Graphic Arts Designing and Editing ✓ Writing and Reportage ✓ Facilitation ✓ Resource Speaker ✓ Research ✓ Info-Tech Development


Jamiat Cotabato Compound, Barangay Datu Balabaran, Tamontaka, Cotabato City, BARMM, Philippines

bangsamoromultimedianetwork@gmail.com (0926) 047 5219/ (0905) 8141811